We offer professional wallpaper supply and installation services. Our technicians are trained in home installations and project management to ensure that your desires are met. The installation is available in Lagos and every where in Nigeria.

Choosing and buying a wallpaper or 3D wallpaper can be a hassle and we understand perfectly. At Wao wallpaper, we take our time to deliver the very best of wallpaper supply, installation and after sales support. We have over five years experience in the interior decorations business and consistently provided unforgettable experiences for our clients.

Our installation service is bespoke and our technicians are trained in major aspects of wallpaper installation and project management to ensure that your desires are met. We also have partners present in all the cities and towns in Nigeria to ensure quick and prompt


Wallpaper, 3D Panel and Wall Art Sales


We offer a wide range of uniquely designed wallpapers, 3D wallpapers and panels and wall art for sale on our webpage at affordable prices. Click the ‘Products’ link from the main menu on the home page to view our gallery and make purchases. We deliver all purchased wallpapers to your desired location.

Wallpaper Supply and Installation

For a fee, we install wallpapers purchased from our store by our customers at your desired location. Be it at home, school or place of work. You don’t have to worry about the cost of installation. We will prepare a proposal tailored to your budget. We use only the best materials for wallpaper installations to ensure that you enjoy your wall covering for many years.

Wallpaper and 3D Wall Panel Maintenance

At Wao Wallpapers, we go beyond wallpaper supply and installation. We know that keeping a wallpaper clean is vital to maintaining its aesthetic look and appeal. For this reason, we carry out routine washing and cleaning of installed wallpapers for a fee.