Three Things To Consider Before Choosing A Wallpaper

choosing a wallpaper

With new trends like wallpapers and 3D panels design making waves in interior decorations in and outside Nigeria, one wonders what will become of paints and exterior designs. Anyways, we leave that matter for another day. Our focus today is to talk about wallpaper use in Nigeria and tips to follow when choosing a wallpaper design for your walls or space. Decorating a ‘high-splash’ zone like the kitchen, living room or even the bathroom is not a bad idea especially if done creatively.

Talking about wallpapers, do you know you get the opportunity to explore different colourful designs and patterns? If you have never imagined it, wallpapers are becoming the in –thing for those in the interior decorations market and if perhaps you are the DIY freak, wallpapers offer that exquisite finishing you long for. We advice you begin your journey into interior designs with this story about wallpaper trends for 2018.

If you are ready to go along, here are three tips you will find useful for choosing a wallpaper.


The desired mood for any choice you make is very important; it serves more like the goal or a direction for which you want to use the wallpaper. You have to know which wallpaper will fit into which space and why you want to add the wallpaper to that space. Beyond this, also ask yourself if it suits the space you want to fix it. You cannot place a wallpaper design meant for the kitchen in the living room or in the bedroom. For example, the living room is a social place in the house, this is where so many families spend time together. A good wallpaper design for the living room is a 3D wall panel or an like the Olina 3D wallpaper.


Texture plays an extremely important role in defining the type of material and what to look for when choosing a wallpaper for that room or space. Since the reason has been aligned, a choice will be made to what you want to use. It is crucial to recognize the role the texture plays in the interior. Using the wallpaper with grass cloth, sisal, cork or a mimic marble can create its own illusion. Other traditional prints could also be considered after deliberate check on it.


A professional hanger knows more and understands better in selecting patterns for the different spaces and how it should be used. Before you choose a wallpaper, always try to meet with a professional, share your area that depicts which mood will set for the space, the texture you want and the other rooms you want to place the wallpaper. If you meet with such minds, the person will help measure and calculate the precise space and cut to use. Don’t act like a genius because you are creative, be ready to meet with professionals. You will not regret if you call a professional to help out.

It is not a big deal if you check out what you have chosen after discussing with the professional. You will see so many samples but be ready to ask for more, don’t accept everything they bring to your table. And if you decide not to choose any of the wallpaper, you can always draw out a sample that will even spell your own designs. You can decide to use the DIY method or call us at WAO wallpapers to help in installing the wallpaper.


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