Wao Wallpaper is an interior decor and furnishing company. We are dealers of wallpaper in Nigeria. We offer sales, supply and installation service. We have in stock and deliver  wallpapers, 3D wall panel and wall arts from our head office in Lagos to anywhere in Nigeria. What is most important to us is to deliver superb wallpapers and to ensure our designs and textures are varied, durable and water friendly.

The use of wallpaper in Nigeria has over the past years grown and we have been at the fore front of service delivery. Our focus has been to provide captivating and alluring designs for homes, offices and spaces where clients request a touch up in. We specialize in proffering and delivering wallpaper, 3D panel boards, wall arts and murals of various colours and designs that suit the taste of our clients.


Wallpapers are paper pasted on vertical strips to cover the walls of a room to provide a decorative surface. There are various types of wallpaper and each provide a unique feel and ambience to the space it is installed in. Our wallpapers are top quality products shipped all the way from Germany and delivered to our Lagos office from where we distribute round Nigeria. We also have distribution partners across all the states in Nigeria to ensure your demands are met within the shortest time possible. We have texture wallpaper, Seoul wallpapers, Versace patterns, Faux effect wallpaper, Legacy wallpapers, 3D wall panel, wall arts and murals and a whole lot more.

Bladet 3D Board

3D Wall Panel

Similar to the use of wallpaper in Nigeria, 3D wall panels are fantastic options for bedrooms, living rooms and receptions for spas, salons, shopping malls, show rooms not forgetting hotel hallways. They give a realistic touch to the life of wall. We therefore advise you to choose a 3D wall panel if you want to give your wall a sophisticated expression.

What We Offer